Chris Erasmus

Actor / Singer / Dancer / Musician

Chris Erasmus is a dedicated actor, singer, dancer and musician, currently residing in London's West End. 

Having studied with some of the world’s top vocal coaches (including Mary Setrakian, Fiona McDougal, Jason Barry Smith and Steven Carletti), his background also includes  musical programs at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, studying with Susan Batson at the Susan Batson Studio in New York as well as Royal School of Music exams.


Erasmus grew up singing, learning guitar around campfires, taking violin lessons for seven years, watching Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly films and taking classical voice lessons. As a lead vocalist in his private boys’ school ensemble, he performed all over the world, balancing his musical studies and activities by fencing and playing field hockey and rugby.

Upon graduating, and after six months as a drama major at Stellenbosch University near his home in South Africa, Chris Erasmus spent several months in Montana as a bonafide cowboy before transferring to University of Queensland in Australia on a decathlete scholarship to study business and tourism.

That wild summer between continents is the perfect metaphor for the restless musical spirit that has taken the multi-talented actor from 17 years of strict classical voice training to his emergence now as an indie-pop/rock vocalist and theater performer.

Whilst attending the University of Queensland, he started training with vocal coach Jason Barry Smith, Tap dancing with Bill Simpson, training with Paul Parker and The Australian Film and Television Academy.

Beginning work on his Masters in Business degree (which he ultimately received in 2017), he also began studying voice with Mary Setrakian and acting with the great Susan Batson in New York.

In addition to his acting and musical pursuits, Erasmus also has a passion for extreme sports and wildlife. In addition to being a capable horse rider(working as a stunt rider for various projects), he has a PADI rescue diver certification and is an advanced free skier and a whitewater kayaker, enjoys surfing and kiteboarding, has done stunt training and competed as a Top 10 finisher in national decathlon competitions in South Africa and Australia.

His deep interest in wildlife stems from his DNA growing up in South Africa and Zimbabwe in a family heavily involved in conservation. He spent his childhood in Vic Falls on the border of Hawange National Park Reserve. 

Now living in London and perusing the West End ,Chris has completed and will follow the release of his latest single “Fires” with his debut EP (Produced by Scott Jacoby/ Michael Graye in Association with Lynn Verlayne studios ) to be released in May 2019.